The Team

Johnathan Clarke “Rambutan” 21 years old from Newtownards, Northern Ireland. He is studying Mechanical Engineering at Queens University Belfast. He is the nearest thing thing this trip has to a mechanic… although frankly he has much more experience taking things apart than trying to fix them. He lives firmly by the motto ” If it can’t be fixed with duck tape then it probably isn’t worth saving”… In what is probably the most ironic event within Northern Irish living history he temporarily splinted the leg of a Mallard, before taking it to a vet, with the tape he carries in his car…. he did indeed fix a duck… with duck tape!







 “Red” 21 years old from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is studying at Queens University Belfast. Recently we had a very successful leaving BBQ.  At this landmark event Red masterfully prepared culinary treats for dozens of hungry students and amorous well wishers. The donations from the night were very generous and as a team we are very grateful. Red is in charge of the kit and also of scaring away the tourist touts.









Wong Wei Jiat “Jack” 22 years old from Subang Jaya, Malaysia. He is studying Chemical Engineering at Queens University Belfast. Jack has a particular passion for driving, often leaving the other team members in sheer awe at his almost tear rendering mechanical sympathy towards Doris. That poor handbrake! Jack is also in charge of Navigation! Hence why we detoured 20km into the Netherlands, just so Jack could add another country to his list!









Adam Zubir, “Percy” is from Kajang, Selangor in Malaysia. He is studying Medicine at Queens University Belfast. Adam and Wei Jiat met at the Malaysian Society for Northern Ireland and became friends. Adam wanted to join us on the trip as it was similar to a dream he has of his own to travel from Belfast to Kuala Lumpur when he finishes his degree. He is joining us from Belfast to Cairo.








Chris Watson, “The Puppy” 21 years old from Welkom, South Africa. He is studying Architecture at University of Ulster. Chris had to be home schooled due to his commitments with the boy band “One True Voice ” (the one hit wonder creation of “Popstars The Rivals”). Chris now refers to this period of his life as the “delusional years” and is now desperately trying to refocus his life.  He is joining us from Cairo to Cape Town.



4 Responses to “The Team”

  1. Hey guys what a fantastic adventure for a brilliant cause. Cool website as well!!
    Have a GREAT time and if you’d like me to do regular progress updates on national UCB UK let me know… We could do a live link-up on the phone if you like… or I can just read out an update from your blog… 🙂


  2. Hey Johnny & Team,

    Thanks so much for sending me those Pic’s of Andy! Wishing you all an awsome trip!


  3. I would just like to say how proud I am to have met you all. you are the true spirit of travel & Adventure!

    Good Luck with your Journey and all the Best,

  4. Hi guys and boys,

    It was really great to meet you all!
    Word of advise though:
    Jack: DO Not Consider any career in transport!
    Red: Just because Crocodile Dundee managed it, it doesn’t mean you should bring a knife to a gun fight!
    John: Don’t listen to these guys, everything CAN be fixed with Duck Tape!
    Ciffy: Should have brought your guitar and made a remix of the one hit wonder!

    You guys are welcome anytime and okay in my books.

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