France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa.





Aleppo Castle


Grand Mosque, Saladin Tomb



Kerak Castle

Road to Petra







Mixing of blue and white Nile

Dinder National Park


Gondar Castle

Blue Nile Falls, North Ethoipia

Rift Valley

Sof Omar Cave


Mount Kenya National Park

460 624



Dar es Salaam


Serengeti National Park


Zambezi National Park

Victoria Falls



Walvis Bay

Skeleton Coast

South Africa


Table Mountain

V&A waterfront


10 Responses to “Route”

  1. Saw your post on Surfing Africa’s page. How is your planning coming along? Is your proposed route still as indicated? We are soon to ship truck from America to Germany and head toward Africa. Route undecided.

    • Hi there, the route is pretty much the same, although we think the Uganda and Rwanda leg may have to be abandoned due to time constraints unfortunately. The planning is coming along fine but some of the legal documentation will be pretty close to the wire due to processing time. Syria looks like it is going to be pure banter. When do you guys head? Do you have a website?

  2. Syria – man! Was lovely when we left it (in a hurry to avoid one of the early protests in Damascus). Make sure your Carnet includes it if you can, otherwise it’s expensive, although still possible – I take it you’ve seen our write-up about the border faff without a valid carnet?

  3. Congratulations on the start of your trip. Our trip has started as well! We were looking at ferry from Venice to Alexandria and now it looks like it’s not running anymore! So we are back to considering a route similar to yours. Would be interested in meeting you in Turkey and traveling with through Syria.

    • Hey Jo, where are you guys at the minute? We’re taking it easy for a few days in Cairo while we sort out some Sudanese visas. How are you guys finding it so far?

      • Well, we are in Marrakech! Not quite knowing which way to turn, we chose the western Africa route. When I saw your post about getting through Syria, I thought the husband was going to cry with remorse for not having taken that route. So now here we sit working on our Mauritanian visa wishing we were in Egypt. The husband sits next to me now looking at ferry routes to Turkey! Our route map will look like a zig zag when we are finished! Our best to you and maybe we will catch up with you eventually.

  4. We are still in Morocco, in Rabat considering many options while waiting for word on our Mauritanian visa. How is it going with your Sudanese visa quest? Our best to you.

    • Hey Jo, we just got our Sudanese visas 20mins ago, with a minimum amount of bother. So have you guys decided on a route following the coast of West Africa then? Its a route I would love to do and hopefully one day will. The beachs of Sierra Leone are fantastic! What are your options at the minute? If you want to kill some time head out to the Atlas Mountains there are some amazing views out there.

      • Yes, we’ve seen the Atlas High and Middle (beautiful), we’ve seen the Rif (we’re there now) and heading BACK to Rabat tomorrow to grovel once again at the Mauritania embassy. We’ve learned that Americans were not getting Sudanese visas so at least that second guessing has been quelled. Mauritania doesn’t say no….so hope springs eternal. Saw that you had a surprise extra week waiting for ferry – hope you’ve been able to move on by now.

  5. Hello Johnathan, Seán, Wong Wei Jiat, and Chris,

    It has been wonderful following your travels in words and photographs. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    I discovered that your alternative name Rambutan is a fruit similar to a lychee which is very pleasant and refreshing after it’s distintive outside layer is peeled off. It brought back memories of the first time I was introduced to lycees by a kind girl from Thailand who gave me some.
    When you arrive in Tanzania, mention Albino United, a marvellous football team who are based in Dar es Salaam . I greatly admire the players and their coach.
    May God continue to protect you all in your adventures as you discover the wonderful sights of His Creation, and may you be a blessing to those you meet.

    Love from your auntie Julia.

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