The Charity: Camara

What They Do

They take in used computers from companies and individuals, wipe their hard drives of data (in line with US Department of Defense standards), refurbish and load them with educational software before setting them up as Learning Centres in schools in Africa and Ireland.

They train teachers to use these computers as tools to improve the delivery of education to their students.

They also produce computer training and educational multimedia materials for use by teachers and children.

Where They Work

They work in seven African countries – Zambia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Lesotho, Tanzania, and Uganda and have set up local Technology Hubs that act as partners in delivering the Camara educational model directly to schools. Camara’s European headquarters is in the Digital Hub, Dublin and our African headquarters is in Mombasa, Kenya .

What They believe

Camara is a West African word that means “one who teaches with experience.” When Camara was established in 2005, we were driven by two core beliefs: 1) Education is the key for people to break the cycle of poverty they find themselves in; and 2) properly used, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can be harnessed to revolutionise the way world class education is delivered to disadvantaged communities

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3 Responses to “The Charity: Camara”

  1. Hi guys, Frank in Camara, Dublin here. Glad preparations are going well, and I will be mentioning you in the Volunteer Newsletter we send out. One Correction: the Africa HQ has moved to Mombassa, Kenya from Uganda now. We still have a Training Hub in Uganda, but HQ moved over Christmas. Things like rent and flights are cheaper in Mombassa. rgs


  2. I hope you will call with Shak and the team in Mombasa and Orlaith the Africa Services Coordinator.

    In Zambia the hub is in Kitwe and Francis Chisenga is the manager there.

    Gina Kilkelly is in Addis Ababa capitla of Ethiopia.

    Let us know when you plan to be in these locations

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