South Africa, bru!

Chris had been building South Africa up the entire trip. When we get here…you can get…you can do…so on and so forth. When we finally arrived it poured rain. Its was brutally cold. The tent flooded. And the legendary biltong was expensive! South Africa didn’t impress us. Only at first, then the sun came out, the landscape changed and everything was right in the world. We arrived in Stellenbosch and had a good look around the wine farms the region is famous for. We went out to one of the local student bars and met some friendly locals. We shared a few stories and they told us about their experiences about growing up in South Africa. The next day was the day we officially ended the trip, we drove to the most southern point on the African continent: Cape Agulhas. The drive was beautiful, South Africa was earning us back to it. After we visited Agulhas we took the whale route back to Cape Town. And it is indeed the whale route, we saw a few just off a beach. We arrived in at Fish Hoek on the Cape of Good Hope to visit Chris’ uncle and auntie there. They very kindly put us up for a few nights and let us clean out Doris. We ended up heading out in Cape Town and pub crawled around the bars and hotspots of Long Street. We visited the V&A waterfront, saw the District 6 museum for some culture and drove through a township. All throughout Africa you can see the disparity in wealth and poverty. They are so very close together and this is truly shocking. We had a fairly rash climb up to the top of Table Mountain on a closed pathway. We had a fantastic drive around Camps Bay and Hout Bay. The scenary is absolutely incredible. South Africa has earned a special place in our hearts and all of us have vowed to return there. However, this is likely to be more than a few years down the line. There are more regions of the world to visit first.Sadly this is it. The end.

JC is returning to his Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Queens.

Jack is returning to the UK in hope of finding a Phd or job.

Chris is staying in South Africa to visit family but will return to NI for a placement in Architecture.

Red failed to secure the job he was after and decided to return to university.

Its been a crazy adventure and we’ve all learnt a lot about, life, the countries we visited, ourselves and what we want out of the future. It wont be long before we’re off on another crazy adventure to another part of the world. Stay posted…


13 Responses to “South Africa, bru!”

  1. Congratulations guys! Great work.

  2. David Cairns Says:

    Guys let me know when you are back in Belfast as i would hear about the trip and get some details up on the Camara website. David

    • Hi Everyone

      So glad to hear you have completed the journey.

      Well done and hope to see you all in Camara Belfast sometime.

      if you are organising any feedback sessions I would love to go along.

      Ann Fitzpatrcik

  3. Gerdje and Pol (Belgium) Says:

    We knew you would make it and enjoyed every single line you wrote!
    We are sooooo proud of you guys!
    We love the beards as well 😉
    Good luck with your studies, jobs, and next project(s), and please, keep us posted!

    • Gerdje and Pol (Belgium) Says:

      Right after I posted my reply this morning the postman delivered your postcard from Cape Town. Thank you very much for not forgetting us 🙂 We’ll keep it in our guestbook along with the others and all the fine memories you left us with…

      • Hey Gerdje, Pol and Toon!
        We were delighted to make it! We’re glad youve been following the blog. We miss you guys! and the choclate mousse. You were absolutely wonderful hosts and we are ever so grateful. We’ll keep you posted on our future endeavours and travels! We hope you do the same!

        Stay in touch!

        PS sadly the beards all had to go

  4. Hey guys, well driven! Ni to SA in record time! Good tidings. Did you guys stop for a bath at all since that dip in the Nile behind the felucca? Keep in touch and good luck disposing of Doris. We’ve just finished a few weeks in NIgeria and now just landed in Uganda. Cheers, Steve & Chrisanthi (It Began In Africa)

    • wow guys! nigeria would be awesome! glad youre having a fantastic time. keep snooping and writing those brilliant stories. we’ll be tracking you on your website! Take care

      remember, always some drinking partners in Belfast!

  5. Ruth Beasant Says:

    Hi guys delighted to hear you made it, but sad to get to the end of the blog. I have really enjoyed following it.
    Wishing you all the best as you try to settle back into studies/ jobs etc after such an exciting adventure. What happened to Doris?
    God bless
    Ruth – Australia

  6. yus need a shave! I am sure they sell razors in S.A.!
    Andy sends his best..nearly in Zim then he is home free into S.A!

    He too would like to know what is happening to Dorris?

    Take care,

    • tell andy to pedal hard! we hope he’s doing grand and enjoying himself! at the moment we’re in negotiations to have doris sold in Zambia. we’re quite hopeful!

      he’s doing well to get that far that fast on the bike. give him our best, he was such a star and we’re really glad we met him. no doubt we’ll meet him again in some other crazy part of the world.

  7. Well done on completing

    Ann Fitzpatrick

  8. Ben McFeeters Says:

    Just finished reading the blog. Incredible work guys. So inspired right now!

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