Skeleton Coast

We left Botswana and headed into Namibia again but this time from the East. We travelled up to Windhoek and managed to do some admin, including a shop and some Internet. Sadly we didn’t have enough time to update the blog so you are getting a number of stories in one big blast. The first thing we realised about Windhoek is that we seem to be leaving Africa proper. Everything is much more modern and European looking and this is the colonial influence Germany has had. We left Windhoek and headed for the coast. Swakopmund is a quaint little down right on the Skeleton Coast. Here we treated ourselves to some fantastic seafood straight from the Atlantic. Last time we had seen the ocean had been in Dar es Salaam. We had crossed the entire continent of Africa. We headed North to the town of Eis to see The White Lady cave paintings. These were found in a valley that acted as micro-climate for the bush men for thousands of years. A small oasis in the Namib desert. We then headed back to Swakopmund and went south towards Walvis Bay to see the massive sand dunes that has made Namibia famous. On our way down the coast we spotted a ship wreck. We had to check it out; ship wrecks have made the Skeleton Coast notorious with sailors. If your boat got thrown upon the coast, your chances of survival were pretty much nil as you were simply greeted with an endless desert. We reached the massive sand dunes that sweep right down to the sea. It’s quite a climb up to the top but the view makes it worth it. Truly spectacular.

Back in Windhoek we celebrated JC and Jacks birthdays by going to a Game Buffet. There were unreal quantities and types of meat. There was Zebra, Springbok, an assortment of seafood and deserts. We all ate too much and struggled to stay awake on our trip to Fish River Canyon. The views are immense; it’s hard to judge the scale of the canyons walls. Namibia had treated us well, we were sad to leave it.


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