We had been warned about the road from Nairobi to Mombasa and sadly the warnings proved true. As Mombasa is the biggest port in the area the main road in and out of it has a lot of freight on it. The main road isn’t a Dual carriageway either, it’s a simple potholed two laner. To get anywhere on this road you’ll need to get very good at overtaking very quickly. The sides of the road are littered with over overturned 50ft trucks, blown out tyres and glass from windscreens. We arrived at an accident minutes after it happened. Sadly there was one fatality and one serious injury. We drove more conservatively after that. We eventually arrived into Mombasa and went down to the Camara Hub on the edge of Mombasa town. We met Shakeel and the local volunteers who work in the Hub. They showed us around the workshop where they prepare computers that arrive in from Ireland. The Hub has a number of classrooms for educating teachers in on how to use and set up the computers. This is what the Hub is doing most at the minute. They run two four hour sessions a day for teachers all over the city and surrounding countryside. The volunteers hold a number of classes in different areas to make it easy for the teachers to attend. It was superb to see the work that was being done in Kenya, the professionalism and enthusiasm of the volunteers really struck us. We met up with some of the Irish volunteers that night and had a few beers. Top of the agenda the next morning was the beach. Straight down the road and onto the white sand that covers Bamburi beach its not wonder it makes such a popular destination. After a `quick dip we packed up our gear and headed out to the Tanzanian border. The road from Voi to Talveta was actually a dirt track just slightly better than the Moyale Highway. After more corrugation skimming we got down to the Kenyan border. As the sun was setting it threw dappled sunlight on Kilimanjaro. It was absolutely fantastic to see the sun setting behind the massive mountain. A highlight of the trip.

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  1. Long time no see guys 😉
    Pol and I just got back from 2 weeks backpacking (and couchsurfing) through Israel. Amazing things seen and done, and even more amazing people met… A wonderful experience it was but I think it’s nothing with what you are doing.
    Entering Israel was easy with just a quick stamp in our passports, but getting out took more time 😦 We were picked out of the ready to check in line at the airport and were interrogated for a whole hour! Over and over every time again the same questions : where we went and why, where we stayed etc… without getting the chance of proving things like our maps, the list of our Israely hosts, bus tickets, nothing… I quote : ‘When you left your backpack alone with a host or in a hostel, someone might have put a bomb into it! Keep it closed!’
    They tried to put psychological pressure on us during the long and repeating interview and tried to make us feel like suspects of terrorism! Djeeeezzzz! It felt like bringing a bomb into Israel was OK, but smuggling one out was a huge crime, that is IF we would have carried one! Anyhow, we survived and could pass, after they appologized for being so rude to us, but ‘safety comes first’ they said, which we understood of course…
    This adventure makes us realise what you must go through every time again passing so many borders…
    We’ll keep our fingers crossed that you’ll have more luck than we did, and actually it seems so 😉
    Keep on going and keep us informed!

    Gerdje and Pol (Belgium)

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