The Farm

After we left the Moyale Highway, we continued on towards Nairobi. On the way we called into a town called Nanyuki. Here we ran into a fellow Northern Irish man Bobby. When he heard of our travels Bobby was very kind to lend us a spot to pitch our tent for the night. This was his place called Turko Farm. It was fantastic, we’d been on the road for around a week without a proper shower so we relished the chance to sort ourselves out and poke around Doris. Turaco is near to a local bar and we went down to sample the local brew, Tusker. We had always said that when we reached Kenya we would take a day, top up the brake fluid, change the oil, swap out any parts we could and give her a good spring clean. Bobby pointed us to a local expat Titch who was a Landrover and Landcruiser specialist. We bombed down to Titch’s place Magma Holdings on the edge of Nanyuki and he and his crew of mechanics had a poke around Doris. We managed to get all our maintenance done and blew away some cobwebs from under the bonnet. Here we ran into ‘H’ a mad keen cross country motor cyclist, who donated 10 ration packs to us. He loves bumming around the Kenyan countryside on his KMT. We left Turaco Farm and went on to Nairobi. Here we met up with Emily Smith, Matt’s sister who volunteers in the Kibera slum. We dropped of the few items Matt and Tim had given us in Northern Sudan that they didn’t need anymore. From here we left behind Nairobi and hit the road to Mombasa. Mombasa is Kenya’s and arguably Eastern Africa’s largest and busiest port. Hence the road is covered with freight lorries ferrying cargo. This makes driving somewhat perilous and we saw a number of collisions and overturned trucks. We are now on our way to reach Mombasa and visit the Camara Headquarters for Africa.

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