The Legend of Khartoum!

We set of from Wadi Halfa as soon as Doris was released from Customs. This was quite a task as the Dock workers decided to take a one hour tea break as soon as Jack and JC arrived to take Doris of the barge. Then there was trying to get them to use the perfectly good boat ramp for unloading rather than the rocky beach they originally moored the barge at. Once Doris was back on dry land we said our goodbyes to David, Tish, Wim and Pauline who had become our travel companions into Sudan. Northern Sudan resembles Mars, it has black sun baked rocks and red sand. It was in this desolate region beside the Nile we bumped into Matt and Tim again at a watering hole. They were taking a break from cycling and we checked in to see if we could do anything for them. After some kit shifting, they signed Doris and we were off again. We drove until we were just outside Khartoum and camped up with the desert rats, scurrying about. The next morning we hit Khartoum, this was a problem as our GPS cache of Khartoum and Addis Ababa had destroyed itself. We were going to have to navigate the capital on the fly no easy feat when they aren’t road signs. Getting about involved several U-turns and using East as the general direction we wanted to go. We stopped at a set of lights and a local Sudanese man pulled up beside us and looked bemused by Doris. He rolled down his window and started chatting, asking us what we were up to. When he found out where we were heading he gave us perfect directions. These led us straight to the highway we were looking for! What a ledge! Back out on the road to Ethiopia the landscape began to change from just yellow and red desert to include a smattering of pricky green bushes. We got down to Gederef the last main town before the border with Ethiopia. The landscape was slowly transforming to include more trees and shrubs. Here the road turned into a nightmare of deep hidden pot holes the entire way. It was just after 6pm when we arrived at the border to find out it closes at 7pm. We then got rushed through both border stations as everyone wanted to clock off and head home. We then found out that the Ethiopian customs man had gone home early. Luckily he was called back and passed us through without too much fuss. Sorted. We were now in Ethiopia! We had managed to cross Sudan in 2 days when we had figured it would take us 4. We’re making good progress on road and we’ll soon hit Addis Ababa to see the Camara Hub!

2 Responses to “The Legend of Khartoum!”

  1. Good to get a bit of news on Tim and Mat at a ‘watering hole’ on the road to Khartoum. Travel well guys

  2. sue smith Says:

    Glad to hear you met up with Mat and Tim again and safe onward journey. Good to see a picture too!

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