Ethiopian Dancers!

We pulled over 60km beyond Metema to pitch a camp for the night. We were greeted by a cacophony of sounds from crickets, frogs, grass hoppers and other creatures. This was in complete contrast to the silent desert we had camped in the previous night. During the night we got some rain, we were tempted to go and jump about in it as this was the first time we had seen rain in 38 days. The next morning we set off with the sun and were immediately struck by the beauty of Ethiopia. Mountains covered in green trees, crops, small wooded thatch huts and colourfully dressed locals with big smiles. The children here shout and seem to break into a stange dance when we pass. This happened once and we just thought “He likes to dance” but soon this became a recurring theme of children on the side of the road tending goats or cattle. When they see us they start yelling and dancing. Theyre quite good. We ventured on and after some terrible roads reached Lalibela to see the rock churches. We found this to be a bit of a tourist trap and we got mobbed by begging kids. We had been warned about begging in Ethiopia and it’s a sad thing when people see a white person they assume we are going to give them something. Their appeals can get quite emotional and the second you give something away more will appear and then everyone expects something. We left Lalibela behind and headed south to Addis Ababa. Ethiopia is very overpopulated its hard to get away from people at all and every spare inch of land is used for farming. There are very few dirt tracks of the main roads and these usually lead to settlements so it’s a nightmare to find a spot for wild camping. We eventually found a spot just of the main road. Jack then prepared a delicious meal of spaghetti, noodles, tuna and frankfurters. Yes, youre right, we need to go to the supermarket and buy some food that compliments itself.

We’re sorry for the lack of pictures!

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