Chris joins the trip – first stop Pyramids!

Today was my first full day on the voyage and to my delight it was in Cairo with the pyramids. The guys had gone before with Adam a couple of day before so Jonny and I decided to get a taxi up to it. I was very delighted to finally be in Africa, it took a while for it to hit me that I was actually here but after a rest Cairo began to become a great starting point. So jonny and I headed out from our hostel down a lift which has no shell just the box, cables and with no inside door. The hostel is a very old building with a lot which is ruins, but with a bed a shower we are happy. We then walk out to a main street and call a taxi. There are two types of taxis, black taxis which tell you the price before you start and a white taxi which uses a very fair reader. So we finally got a white taxi, the driver did not speak english but that was okay. We finally got to the road leading up to the pyramids, suddenly random people would jump out infront of the taxi sticking there heads into the taxi telling us we must go with them to the pyramids and that this is where you get your ticket. The driver a smart and just drove off. After a couple of these incounters we where dropped off near the real ticket kiosk. We were again bombarded with offers from locals which we all refused. Once we got in we walked up a hill to a large open area to the pyramids. The immense size of them were overwhelming, being the people jonny and I are we discussed how they were built. We walked around them with some great photo opportunities. We got to a peak of a mound and this view across Cairo and the desert appeared. We were amazed at how sudden the desert starts from the city. It was amazing. We then walked down to the Sphinx which was surrounded by tourists. We had to go find shade because it was far too hot and too dry! We then walked back up the hill to the main road to get a taxi home. We managed to get another white taxi back to the hostel. We got into the taxi and told him to go to the centre. He replied in a quiet manner so we assumed he didnt speak english. Johnny and I talk away in the taxi, 20 minutes in johnny was trying to translate a bit of Arabic on number plates when suddenly we heard, no its 5. Johny then asks, do you speak English? And he said yes. He then turned the radio off and began chatting. We were very surprised. Not all was what it seemed. We had a good laugh with the driver for the rest of the trip. Best taxi drive so far.

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