Sudanese Visa!

Today we had set aside for getting our Sudanese visa. Our first step was to get a “Letter of Introduction” from the British Embassy. We had a mini-adventure touring Garden City looking for the embassy. We eventually found what looked like a big white castle building surrounded by armed Egyptian soldiers. We went in and asked the guy behind the bulletproof glass for a letter for introduction. “No problem” he said “450 Egyptian pound” he said. “What?” I replied. “Show me the page” He showed me the page, it was just a standard letter saying “The British Govt does not give letters of introduction”. Fantastic, my taxes at work, I get charged £45 GBP for a letter saying we don’t do letters. Awesome. So after the British Govt robbed us of some money, we met up with Jack who had to get his Letter from the Malaysian Embassy. His letter was free. We entered the Sudanese Embassy which is a small but thankfully air-conditioned room which was rammed with people and three cashiers windows. Obviously we queued at all before being told exactly what we needed to do. So here it is. Go up to the cashier desk labelled “Pasport Office”. You need a photocopy of your passport, photocopy of your filled in application(there is a guy there who photocopies everything for you for a few Egyptian pounds), your letter of introduction, four passport photographs, your passport and $100 USD visa fee. After we sorted all this out and gave it to the cashier who said “Come back at three o’clock”. Not a drama there so we went and got some lunch. We returned at 3pm on the button and waited. The cashier desks were empty. There were still plenty of people waiting around but nothing was going on. We sat there until 4.30pm when the cashier came out and a horde of people surrounded his window. He called out names “Malaysian” “Tisopher” “Honathan” “Seen” –Apparently that’s us. We went up and collected our passports and all looked at our brand new visas, those gloriously expensive little bits of paper. Job Done.

If anyone would like to save themselves some money and not buy a letter of introduction from the FCO at an extortionate rate. Please email us and we’ll send you a picture of it for you to print.

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