We left Alexandria and headed south to Cairo, it was a Friday and that is the day of rest in Islam so we had a fairly easy time of driving around. Until we reached Tahir Square, that’s where our GPS route had immediately led us. Obviously it was gonna be full of protesters, that was just our luck. We pulled into a side street and set about trying to find our hostel. We split up in different directions to find it on one very long Al Falaki street. Suddenly Johnny came screeching round the corner in Doris after us. “Take a look round that corner” Jack wandered over and then immediately turned “Oh ****, GO GO GO! We jumped in and sped off down the street. A mob had come up the street we had just parked in and started screaming at the police guarding one of the buildings. The police retreated and the protesters followed them. Quite an introduction to Cairo! Within a few minutes all had a returned to normal. It was as if nothing had happened. So peculiar. We parked up again and found the hostel, the front door didn’t inspire us with confidence as to its quality but once we reached it we were pleasantly surprised. Once we had settled ourselves we decided to go look around, we peeked into Tahir Square and everything was pretty calm. There were still hundreds of protesters waving Egyptian flags and chanting but we didn’t feel under threat. We wandered around the downtown area and Khan al Khalili bazaar for our evening’s entertainment. Today we went up to the Pyramids of Giza, it was a short taxi trip away. Suddenly, we were surrounded by guides, hawkers and general mad people. The tourist industry has taken quite a hit here so the few tourists that do show up that aren’t with a tour company or hotels get hounded. There was quite a bit of “I give you good price” and our responses of “I give you good beating”. A trick learnt from Dave McKinney was to simply scream “Russki Russki Russki” and it works to a certain degree, they leave you alone if they don’t speak Russian but some still do. The Pyramids are spectacular, they’ve been standing there for thousands of years and are the one thing people think of when they imagine Egypt. We were taking a few pictures when a policeman walked over and before you knew it he had our camera and was asking us to get into stupid poses around the pyramids! He was really bored! We wandered around the Pyramids and saw the Sphinx. This is a big marker in the African part of our adventure! It’s Africa all the way down from here lads!

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