Mount Sinai!

We left the comfort of Dahab and headed north to the Monastery of St. Katherine at the base of Mount Sinai. We had prepared ourselves to camp out again the desert as we had heard the town of Katherine is mad with tourists but when we got there it was almost deserted. We have the pick of the hostels and settled on one called Bedouin camp! It’s £2.50 a night! The accommodation is basic but its more than what we need. We set off to the Monastery were we were informed by the Tourist Police that we were required to have a guide. So we set off at our standard tabbing pace and before long the guide was hundred meters behind us asking for a break! We had only just started! After a few short breaks we dragged him up to Elijah’s basin which is just 750 “Steps of Repentance” short of the top. The guide elected to stay at the basin and let us finish the rest of the climb ourselves. We got up to the top just in time to watch the sun set behind the mountains. Was a spectacular view.  We descended and found somewhere to eat, winner, winner! chicken dinner! From Sinai we’re heading North to Alexandria in the next few days, we’ll hopefully keep you posted!

4 Responses to “Mount Sinai!”

  1. Reading this Sinaï exploration I remember ours about 10 years ago. We made a trip by quad through Sinaï desert as we told you when you were our guests here a few weeks ago. It is mentioned on my CS profile as well, as one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen and done. We also visited a bedouin camp, so I know what you mean by ‘very basic’ 😉 but the tea was awesome, and so was the water pipe 🙂 We didn’t visit the monastary though, because Toon and Joost were too young at that time but the other hotel guests told us it was awesome.

    Snorkeling the Red Sea is indeed a magnificent experience! Wooow, what a beautiful under water world with nothing to compare. Please make sure you don’t take any of the corals with you, because you will pay a have fine at the border if they catch you with some.

    Now heading for Caïro… My oh my… I wish you lots of luck in this ant-hill, especially the trafic! We warned you before, didn’t we? 😉

    Anyhow, lots of luck and keep enjoying this unforgettable trip!

    Gerdje, Pol and Toon (Belgium)

    • Hey guys, your advice has been so helpful. We certainly know what you meant by Egyptian driving! Its been quite eventful and close at times!
      Sinai was something else, like another world, still so ancient.
      We’re still having a blast, hope you are all well!

      Take care!

      We miss your mousse!

      • Shall I send some chocolat mousse? But I guess it will have melted before arrival :p


        PS : I sent the news paper articles to Joanne (Camara) by mail and by post and received an e-mail from Mary Lyons (friend of Sean’s parents) in which she thanks me for hosting you. She sends her love to all of you!

  2. Ruth Beasant Says:

    Hi guys, Ruth from Sydney again, you trip sound more amazing by the day. Thank you for taking the time to write the blog. Its fantastic. Makes me more aware of how much I need to pray for safety for you intrepid explorers. Hope Doris is holding up! Ruthx

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