The Delights of Dahab!

We decided we deserved a holiday and drove down the Red Sea coast in search of somewhere nice to lay up for a few days. When we arrived in Dahab it didnt quite seem to be our kind of place. The first hotel we saw was the Hilton, followed by the Swiss Inn and a number of other pricey resorts. We turned to the dog-eared and battered lonely planet guide to find a budget option. We drove away from the resorts and we ended up in a small row of shops and houses with locals everywhere. Things started to look up. We found a place called Sea Soul Hostel and Dive Centre and they put us up for £8 a night. We were just glad of the air conditioning, we failed to notice that the back of the hostel led straight onto a small beach and the water. We had struck gold. Dahab is a long stretch of ocean side restaurants and bars with a really relaxed atmosphere. There were hardly any tourists about at all, it must be the off season. We had half a mile of beach to ourselves one morning. Which brings me to the most spectacular thing about Dahab, the snorkeling and diving is incredible. The corals in the area have some of the most amazing varieties of fish. We spent an entire day duck diving and exploring the coast. Jack’s tan line’s are immense. Thats what happens if you pull your shorts up too high while swimming. We decided to treat ourselves and spent two nights in Dahab, chilling out, dodging the sharks and eating the local seafood! We toured a few of the local bars, karaoke from a few holiday makers was the highlight! 

One Response to “The Delights of Dahab!”

  1. Mervyn and Pearl Dunlop Says:

    Hi guys
    So you were in Dehab. I slept on the beach there in 1974 while it was part of Is. The biggest danger was that we might get run over in the dark by patrolling army jeeps. Very hot if i remember and not as developed as it obviously is to day. Great drive to Sinai through a mine field in 74 but hopefully they have cleared them away by now. Enjoy the rerst of your trip.
    M and P

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