Welcome to Jordan!

Wadi Rum SunsetA Quarry In JordanJiat CookingDead Sea sunset (with salt)Chilling in the Dead SeaAqaba SunsetDoris in Wadi Rum“Welcome to Jordan” If we had a Jordanian Dinar for every time we heard this phrase we could probably afford to stay in Jordan a while longer! We weren’t expecting Jordan to be on the tourist trail but the locals have jumped on the tourist bandwagon and tourist prices are rather prevalent here. Hence we cutting our stay slightly short. However, we’ve really enjoyed ourselves. We left the busy and stressful streets of Amman for a more relaxing float in the Dead Sea. We had it made, a beautiful shady spot overlooking the southern end of the Dead Sea and Israel in the distance. We had a perfect spot to camp for the night when suddenly a 4×4 came rumbling up the track. Two Jordanian soldiers jumped out and after a quick chat insisted that we move on for the night. Apparently we were too close to Israel and our camping spot wasn’t allowed. They then added “Welcome to Jordan”. So we moved on to camp in an abandoned quarry not far from Petra. When we arrived to our horror the tour guide told us it was 50JD for entry! He then added “Welcome to Jordan”. 50JD is 50 quid and that could easily feed all four of us for a week! No deal!We then went on to Wadi Rum, a protected wildlife reserve in southern Jordan. To get into the Reserve would again cost us, while we were checking different guides for prices one said “Welcome to…China” much to our amusement. Someone has clearly instructed people that Welcome to Jordan is the phrase to use on foreigners. We dodged the protected area and drove of into the “Free Zone” it was our first real desert off-roading experience. Thankfully Doris didn’t get stuck but we did get our first taste of corrugations and decided the soft sand made a better track. We’ve now arrived in Aqaba where to be honest feels like we’ve opened the oven door and our pizza is burnt. We regularly seek out the shade to stop our skin cells from bubbling off! This ends another part of our trip, tomorrow we set foot on the African continent and the next chapter begins.

2 Responses to “Welcome to Jordan!”

  1. Guess you’ll be in Africa by now? Congratulations! How did you find the Egyptian customs?

    Enjoying the posts so far, keep it up!

  2. Hi Guys

    Just thinking of you and hoping all is going well. It is great to get the blog and feel that we can all join in your adventure. Well done so far and looking forward to Africa. Just in cass you do not have a weather report we are having an extremley wet and cold June. Do protect yourselves from the bubbling temperature of the Middle East and Africa.

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