Turkey! Not just for Christmas!

We left Istanbul at 6am just to make sure we got over the bridges without too much delay and without the stress of traffic. The drive to Ankara was fantastic with amazing views of mountain ranges and the countryside. Turkey has fantastic roads and it was quite a change from the windy and narrow roads of Bulgaria and Romania. On the advice of Orhan, a fella from the Agora hostel we travelled to Cappadocia in central Turkey. This is where Christians sought refuge in the 11th Century from persecution and built cave houses and churches into the soft rock of the Cappadocian region. We went to a town called Goeme were we paid a taxi driver to take us around a few of the caves. He took us to a Turkish carpet workshop, were we had an explaination on Turkish carpets, some of which took a year to make and cost around £7000. We found ourselves a cave hostel on the outskirts of town and set about researching and planning our strategy for the Syrian border. We woke late the next day and set of for Alcakale, if we were refused entry we would simply work our way back towards were we knew the violence was worst. We had hoped to make the most of Syria’s cheap fuel but decided we should cross the border with a decent amount to make sure we had a decent range if we ran into trouble. After we filled up half a tank in Sanliufa we stopped at some traffic lights. A street kid came over and started asking for stuff, we said we didn’t have anything and right when the lights changed he swung his hand in the window and tried to punch Jack in the face in an attempt to make a grab for something. Lucky Jack has lightening reflexes and blocked his attempt. Suddenly no longer impressed with Turkey we spent 2 hours trying to find a suitable camp site for the evening. We eventually settled on the edge of a field about 4km from the Syrian border. This was it. The make or break moment of the trip, if we didn’t get in we had very few options left.

3 Responses to “Turkey! Not just for Christmas!”

  1. Mervyn and Pearl Dunlop Says:

    Hi guys. Glad to hear your trip is going well. Fantastic experience and memories for life. Hope you make it safe through Syria and on south to Africa. It’s great to meet good people with kind hearts no matter where you are in the world; restores your faith in people and the common decency in mankind. God bless you all and take care of you
    Mervyn and Pearl

  2. Emily Ding Says:

    You guys did a great job, do up grate more of your journey experience.share with friends. All the best to you guys!

  3. I much prefer ifonratmive articles like this to that high brow literature.

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