When in Rome (ania)

We left Budapest and ended up on the hunt for camping gas once again in Kecsemet. After touring a Baumax and Obi superstore we got a tip that there was a gas station near a local landmark (whıch cannot be named for legal reasons). Bombing down the road we just about saw it and rolled in. The attendant saw our gas canisters and went “Ah, problem” and hobbled off only to return with an adapter for the gas. It cost us 6 Euro to fill the two canisters, an amount that should last us until Kenya. We gave the attendant a small gift and let him sign Dorris. Our morale was high when we entered Romania. Boy did we need it, if I ever catch the civil engineer in charge of Romania’s roads I swear. The roads are twisty and the freight on them means you play chicken a lot between keeping a fast speed or run the risk of being overtaken and probably run off the road. We’ve all probably lost a few years of our lives with the adrenalin rush of watching 18 wheeler lorries miss each other by 2 feet at 110 kph while overtaking on multiple occasions. We had a moonlight drive through Transylvania and we found a wooded area outside Pitesti where we could camp. We cooked dinner over our newly purchased gas and watched a thunder storm in the distance.

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