The Bulgarian Crawl!

The next morning we set off hoping to avoid spending too much time in Bulgaria, we had been tipped off that the cops we’re quite corrupt. We left Romania and headed for Veliko Tarnovo, where there were the ruins of a massive hillside castle. We had a great lunch for about 3 Euros per person! There were a lot of cops on the roads and we were worried about our speed as Bulgaria hasn’t really invested in road signs other than several million speed limit plaques. Bulgarian driving style is also the complete opposite to Romania… because of all the police most people stick rigidly to the speed limits, which would be fine if they were at all realistic, however at many points we were officially speeding by driving at 20 mph!… Slow progress indeed. The signs tend to be erratic and poorly placed, when you driving down a road at 80 kph and you see the sign to the next town but you’re already 200m past it when you realise.. Overall the roads were quite good compared to Romania, other drivers seemed quite friendly towards dorris’ decorations. The views were spectacular and the day was really pleasant. (A note for Ryan Campbell, rock climbing here would be awesome!) We were heading to the border with Turkey when we saw that there was a lunar eclipse in the shape of a crescent. Rather appropriate as we were entering the Middle East! Belfast to Istanbul in 6 days!. Lets just hope we get through Syria!

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