Kebabs Kebabs Kebabs!

Adam was well pleased to arrıve ın Turkey! Hello Halal meat! So obvıously we all had to go and get kebabs. We then spent the day explorıng Istanbul. We wandered the Mosques and followed the waterfront between the Black and Aegean Seas. We parked Dorıs up ın front of the Agora Hostel and ımmedıately started to attract attentıon. All good of course and soon people were posıng for pıctures besıde her and askıng to sıgn her. We managed to get some much needed admın done ıncludıng showers, laundry and of course more kebabs! Tomorrow we head south through central Turkey. Let the good tımes roll!

4 Responses to “Kebabs Kebabs Kebabs!”

  1. Glad to hear the trip is off to a good start. Loving the blog and the photos, keep up the good work!!

  2. Thank you for staying at Agora even for one night! Our guests are still asking questions about your trip:))) It was great to have the Landcruiser parked at the front. Good luck for the rest of your journey.


    The Agora Team

  3. I, too, was @ Agora and immediately smitten with your sense of adventure and desires in meeting the world directly head-on. Unfortunately you took off this am before I could say so on person or sign Doris. I wish I were younger; I wish I could find a way to send Camera laptops from the US and I wish I could take a journey such as yours. So, I will enjoy it vicariously. Safe travels, much humor and keep writing. Jan Kline, Port Washington, NY

    • Alex Lyttle Says:

      Glad to hear all is still going well and little bother so far! Hope it keeps going this way for ya all! Loving all the updates and pics on the website, keep it up if u can!

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