Budapest: the best of Europe!

The next day we set of to meet Kitti in Budapest! We left Linz and drove into the suburbs of Wien still in search of camping gas! With a few wrong turns and some closed stores we left Wien without gas, hopeful to find some in Hungary. Our lack of an automatic GPS, lead us in circles in Budapest with a few rash turns and frustration at the confusing one way system in operation we found Kitti’s place! Kitti is a 25 yr old PhD Student who very kindly offered to take us in. She took us around part of the city centre and then took us out for dinner where we got to try some Goulash. She took us to a local bar that had a really funky décor to see some of the nightlife. We are really grateful to Kitti, she was very welcoming and brilliant craic (that’s Irish for banter). She’ll always be welcome in Ireland and Malaysia!

2 Responses to “Budapest: the best of Europe!”

  1. So this time you wrote down my age to emphasise that you finally learned it and that I dont look that old?!…:):) Have fun an keep on writing to this homepage, it is so much fun to read and follow where you are! Lots of luck with Syria!

  2. Goulash is awesome! keep er lit lads!

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