We are just through the Turkish border! Just saw the lunar eclipse!

The guys have just crossed over the Turkish border. There was a major confusion over a toll road but got it sorted in the end! Still a long way to go! Everything is in Russian so it is hard to understand! We would like to shout out to all family and friends who are following the website! Please keep posted!

J. Clarke – We finally got gas, filled in Hungary by a wee guy, he was a legend! Next stop Romania… Kitti our host in Budapest was a legend as well, Pol and Gergje in Belgium were so nice as well and helped us alot, and their son helped alot with the electronics. Good food and chocolate mousse! Thank you, couch surfers for being so nice!


Above is the last updated photo of the guys just before the big head off.

Doris – Packed and ready

On the 8th we all went to Campbell College Belfast to let the junior school to sign the vehicle, this turned out to be a very successful morning with a lot of money raised for Camara. So thank you very much Campbell College Belfast.

A number of people need a mention for their support and assistance.  Jim Clarke for his endless support and sterling efforts working on the vehicle. Andy Jones for getting us those special items. Mark Fitzpatrick and Darren Anthony for supplying us endless amounts of free equipment at their own expense. Ann Fitzpatrick for being our contact with Camara. To Phil Ashcroft and John Harding for their advice and direction in the planning stages.  Dr David McKinney for his much needed medical advice and supplies. Also Campbell College for the very kind donations with the jeep signing. To all those who gave us support, this project would not have got off the ground without you.

3 Responses to “We are just through the Turkish border! Just saw the lunar eclipse!”

  1. We are so looking forward to host you at our home in Belgium this weekend!
    Keep up the good spirit guys 🙂 and congratulations with your enormous project which we admire.

    See you all in 2 days!


  2. Hope you get the handbrake sorted

  3. Ann Fitzpatrick Says:

    A pleasure to help and glad to hear all is going well on the journey.

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